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In the beautiful place recognized as the City of Oaks, it is also known as one of the places to have stricter than the average rules when consuming and using water. To make sure that the water in the county is up to the standard required, most residents and business owners have opted to have a water well installed for their safety and convenience.

Drilling regular wells and hard-rock wells sound easy and many people probably think that it is easy to do, but there are so many risks that come with DIY water well drilling. To get safe and food-grade water, the person doing the work must have knowledge and expertise in soil types and other mechanical processes. If you do the drilling yourself, there is also the possibility of breaking a pipe and other unfortunate mistakes that can result in your yard flooding and your wallet having a huge dent.

Save yourself from the unnecessary headaches and do yourself a favor by contacting a trusted and reliable well drilling services company to do the job. Our experienced team drills water wells in the Raleigh area and will be able to serve your residential and commercial water well needs.

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We Strive To Be The Industry Leaders When It Comes To Well Drilling Services and Water Testing and Filtration Services

Well Pump Repair

If you're well pump is malfunctioning and needs servicing, call us for quick service!

Well Inspection

If you're looking to purchase a new home that has a private well and you want to make sure it's working properly, give us a call for an inspection!

Well Water Filtration System

Are you looking to purify your well water and reduce the amount of sediment naturally found in your water? We can recommend a purification system.

We are committed to providing excellent service and outstanding workmanship - call us today for service!

What to look for in a water well drilling company


 They must be licensed, bonded, and insured.

Water well drilling is no easy task. To guarantee the safety of our customers and to alleviate their understandable concerns, our crew will inform them that our services are licensed, insured, and bonded. When unforeseeable events happen during our well drilling, we will be ready for it.

 They must be experienced.

Water is very important. People use it mainly to drink and prepare food, and they must know that the water they are consuming is safe and not contaminated. Our professionals have been in the well industry for a long time. With the years of humble service, they know the crucial things that are necessary for a successful water drilling such as the appropriate depth, piping, and placement.

 They must have the appropriate tools and equipment.

Water well drilling in the county usually requires a depth of at least 315 feet. To dig this deep, the tools and equipment used should be right for the job. This minimizes the possibility of hitting the wrong parts or damaging other properties. Our crew will always be properly equipped with protective gear in order to provide a safe and secure service to our respective clients.

 They must be transparent with their rates.

A reputable company should always be transparent with their rates up front. Our team is comprised of honest individuals who will give you a breakdown of the costs before we even start the job, with no hidden fees. As all prospective clients have gathered in their research, well drilling can be highly expensive. Aside from the actual water well drilling services, you will have to think about other costs such as permits, pumping equipment, and maintenance if desired.

If you want to know the price you have to pay for the service, give us a call as it can be difficult to estimate the cost without putting the factors into account. In North Carolina, you may pay around $6000, which may be less or more depending on many variables such as depth.

Our Services

Well pump repair service in raleigh

Well Pump Repair

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water well inspection in raleigh

Well Inspection

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Well water testing in raleigh nc

Well Water Testing

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Water Well Drilling Services in Raleigh

Whatever you need your water well for, our crew will be able to help you in the process. We will be able to drill your:

Water Well for Residential Purposes

If you need water well drilling services for your residential property, you might be worried about the process and if it will be safe for your home. Our crew understands how important it is to have clean water for the consumption of your loved ones. Just give us a call and we will be there to get the job done properly.

Water Well for Commercial Purposes

Are you a restaurant owner or someone who owns a business that handles food? When your commercial property needs clean water, scrimping on a water well drilling service is not a wise choice. Serve your staff and customers with clean, food-grade water by calling us to do the first step in having a safe water well installed,

Water Well for Industrial and Agricultural Purposes

When there is a need for an industrial well, also called a municipal well, the job requires experienced professionals in the trade. Big facilities and communities also need a huge supply of clean and safe water that is fit for consumption, and this can be achieved by giving our crew a call to get the drilling started. Our team has also been working with engineers, architects, contractors, and other professionals and there will be no problems with collaborating and working together.

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