Well Drilling Service in Apex NC

Do you need a water well? If you are planning in having one drilled in your property, make sure that you are getting the best crew to do it. When it comes to well drilling, a team with experience, knowledge, and training in using the necessary equipment is crucial for your project’s success.

Contact us now and start reaping the advantages of having a well for your various needs. Whether it is for residential, agricultural, or municipal purposes, we can definitely assist you.

Our Services

We Strive To Be The Industry Leaders When It Comes To Well Drilling Services and Water Testing and Filtration Services

Well Pump Repair

If you're well pump is malfunctioning and needs servicing, call us for quick service!

Well Inspection

If you're looking to purchase a new home that has a private well and you want to make sure it's working properly, give us a call for an inspection!

Well Water Filtration System

Are you looking to purify your well water and reduce the amount of sediment naturally found in your water? We can recommend a purification system.

We are committed to providing excellent service and outstanding workmanship - call us today for service!

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We strive to be the best well drilling contractors in Apex

We specialize in offering the following services to the residents in town.

Residential Well Drilling

Perfect for property owners who are tired of relying on their local water providers.

Water wells are not only for areas that do not have access to utility providers. In fact, more and more people living in bigger cities are making the switch to environmentally friendly wells for their everyday needs.

When you let our team work on your well, we will make sure to do every task properly while charging reasonable rates. As a local team owned and operated by a family, we believe that every home deserves access to clean and affordable water. Hence, we will always be here to give you the freedom of having a water supply you can rely on on your property.

Commercial Well Drilling

Perfect for offices and businesses looking to save money while still using safe water for various purposes.

We are proud to say that our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Because we value our clients’ businesses and would like them to save money in paying for water, we will always make sure to provide thorough services in our drilling work. Although it may be expensive to have a well drilled the first time, we promise that the benefits of getting one will be worth its price in the long run.

Irrigation Well Drilling

Perfect for farms, livestock keepers, and other areas that need a high supply of water at a low price.

We understand how water is highly important for many people. Although many are using it for their daily needs – cooking, drinking, showering, and more, some groups of people need it for keeping their crops in good condition and for their livestock’s consumption. Hence, our team will use our training and equipment in planning and drilling a well that can accommodate your specific needs. Just tell us what you need your well for and we will make sure to drill one that will work best for its purpose.

Municipal Well Drilling

Perfect for the use of several groups of people or for the use of an entire community.

Drilling a well for municipal use is far from a walk in the park. Due to the reason that it will have to accommodate the use of a number of people, it must be done by a professional driller with the training, experience, and skill that are crucial for a successful result. When you put your trust in our team, rest assured that we will design a well that can be used for municipal purposes. Our methods and techniques will allow us to install a well that can satisfy our clients’ supply needs.

truck used to drill a hole in the ground for a well
using tools to dig a water well

How much does it cost to drill a well?

There are many factors that will influence the rates we charge to our clients. However, have no doubt that our services are always reliable and will always yield in the best bang for your buck.

On average, we usually charge around $5,000 in drilling a 150-foot well. Get a free assessment specifically for you by contacting our team.

Our drilling rates depend on the following:


  1. How shallow or deep we have to dig
  2. The type of well to drill
  3. The equipment we need to use
  4. The time it will take to complete the job
  5. The location (terrain, how far the house is to the well, the weather)

Safe, clean, and reliable water wells in Apex

When you let our expert crew drill your water well, expect high quality and reasonable charges. Our years of experience help us drill a well that complies with the local’s codes and regulations.

Do you need an estimate of our prices? Just call us at (919) 737-2926 and get a free assessment, no obligations necessary. You can also contact us by sending an initial message on our online form.

Start drilling the well you are dreaming of now! As long as you let the pros handle the job, rest assured that you will get the best value for your money.

Our Services

Well pump repair service in raleigh

Well Pump Repair

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Well Inspection

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Well Water Testing

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