Why is my well water cloudy?

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One of the reasons why many people have a well drilled on their property aside from economic reasons is because it produces water that is fresh, clean, and safe to consume. In fact, most people living in the bigger cities in the United States are very surprised once they taste the water from wells, as according to them, the water is actually refreshing.

Even though the water from wells is expected to be clean and clear, there may be times where some locals notice cloudy water coming from their taps. Despite the fact that the appearance and clarity of the water do not determine if it would be safe to consume, some homeowners may be hesitant to drink the water from the tap if it is not as clear as it used to be.

In the event that cloudy water is coming from your taps, there may be or may not be a reason to be alarmed, depending on the root cause of why exactly is it happening. To be able to assess if the water will continue to be safe to use or if you need to stop using the water coming from your well in the meantime, the best thing you can do is find the reason why your water has turned cloudy.

If the cloudiness or contents of your water are a deep concern, installing a filtration system should alleviate many of your concerns.  They are advanced enough to filter out enough water for the entire family to use while filtering out almost 99.9% of all microbes in the water.

What do we mean by “cloudy water”?

When people say cloudy water, this usually means that the water contains white, powdery stuff, instead of the usual way the water appears. For example, if you are getting your water from your well whose main sources are fresh brooks, springs, lakes, and many more, you would expect that your water is clear and even transparent. There are many people who say that clear water is safe to consume, but this is not always the case. As said above, a water’s clarity will not determine its safeness to consume and to use for everyday purposes.






If water is unclear, this does not mean that it is dirty, either. Though it will be safer to boil water before drinking to guarantee its cleanliness, there are tests that can be done to know if the water coming from your wells will is clean, which is done by professional well contractors.

Another term for cloudy water is also milky water, which is called such due to its appearance. Depending on the reason for your well water’s appearance, you may need to just wait for it to clear out or you may need to get something done to your well to make the water clear again.

Common reasons why well water turns cloudy

If you need to make sure that the water from your well is safe and that there will be no problems or disease that will affect you and your family once you consume it, it would be wise to pinpoint why your water’s appearance has suddenly changed when it was transparent before.

Here are the most common reasons why a well’s water would turn cloudy:

  1. Does your water turn cloudy after heavy rain? It may be due to the surface water.

If you noticed that the water from your well turns cloudy after heavy rainfall, it is because there is excess surface water on your reservoir. When rainwater finds its way inside your well when the case is not sealed tight, it is possible for it to mix with your stored water and may even contaminate it. This is because there may be some bacteria or chemicals that have been picked up by the rainwater before it has entered your system, which can infect your reservoir.

When your water turned milky after a heavy rain, it may be unsafe to use it for drinking, as the bacteria and other harmful elements may have been mixed in your supply. If this is the case, it is highly recommended to have a well professional conduct a water test to check the safety of your water, and also to do some maintenance to make sure that rainwater will not be mixed in your well again.

  1. Has your water suddenly turned cloudy? This may be caused by the pipes.

When your pipes are the reason why your water looks milky, it may be because the material it is made of is rusting or corroding. Though rust and corrosion may make your water look more brown, it would be best to have your pipes looked at and inspected by a professional, as water from damaged pipes is unsafe and dangerous to consume.

  1. Does your water turn cloudy with some sediment? It may be due to your filter.

If you are wondering whether sediments are the reason why your water is turning cloudy, you can prove your theory by getting some water from your tap and pouring it straight into a clear glass. If you notice that the water has a milky appearance, wait for a couple of minutes. When you see that the water has cleared after time has passed and that there are some specks of powder and dust that have settled on the bottom of your glass, the cloudiness may be due to sediments that are present in your well. In this case, getting a sediment filter will solve the problem.

  1. Did your water suddenly turned cloudy with a hint of metallic taste? It may have some minerals on it.

Did your water turn cloudy and when you drink it, has a metallic taste? If this is the case, the cloudiness of your water may be due to the presence of some minerals such as manganese or iron in your well water. This is normal when the source of your water has been disturbed due to mining or other reasons, making your freshwater supply contain excess minerals. When this is the case, it will still be safe to drink your water, but may cause some staining in your plates or clothes.

  1. Does your water turn cloudy without any apparent reason? It may be caused by air bubbles and other reasons.

When cloudy water is caused by air bubbles or gas, this is because this would mean that the water level in your well is low, making your well pump work harder and makes it absorb some air in the process. You will know that air bubbles are the culprit if you open your faucet and see some bubbles in the water, or if your faucet is sputtering.

If there are no bubbles and you cannot see anything that may cause the sudden change of the appearance in your water, you can assume that it is caused by the main source of your water well. Ask your neighbors if you have connected lines and see if they are experiencing the same problem. If this is the case, you can ask your local municipality to have some water tests done to make sure that the water in your wells is safe for residential and commercial use.

Is it safe to drink well water that is cloudy?

When the reason for the cloudiness of your water is due to minerals and air bubbles, it is generally safe to continue using your water from drinking. However, if you cannot exactly pinpoint the cause of why your water has suddenly turned cloudy, it would be wise to stop using the water for drinking and cooking purposes until it has been inspected by a professional.

Well contractors do not just drill wells, but can also be contacted to do some maintenance and replacement whenever necessary. If there is an issue with your water’s safety and you are unsure if it is still clean, you can call a contractor to do a water test for your well. Doing so will be safer for you and your family. Depending on the result of the test, there will be some recommendations of what can be done to fix your water well.