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Do you smell something weird on the water from your well? Is your faucet releasing water that is unclear and a little muddy? This may be a sign that you need to install a water filtration system in your home. If you already have a filter system installed, it can also indicate that it already needs to be repaired or replaced.

Water Filter Installation Service around Raleigh

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Our company is licensed and insured and is very lucky to have trained and experienced workers in the crew. We understand how it is important to have clean water for our family’s use and would want you to have access to it as well.

What are the available water filtration systems?

There are many kinds of water filters that can be installed in your well, its system, or in some parts of your home. It functions to remove the contaminants and bacteria of your water that will make it safe for you and your family to drink and use for cooking and other purposes.

The most commonly used filtration system is the whole house water filter and the under sink water filter.

Whole house water filters

A whole house water filter takes the spot of the most preferred type of filtration in most cities in the United States. To be able to enjoy the water that is fit for consumption and daily use, you will need to have a filter installed in your home. Whole house water filters do the job exactly as their name suggests. This type of filter cleans the water in your whole home compared to other filters that are only able to clean the water passing through certain faucets. 

How does it work? Whole house water filters are usually connected to your home’s water line. All the water that passes through the main water line will then have to pass through the installed filter and will be able to strain the contaminants away. Most filters are capable of blocking the sediments that can cause blockages on your plumbing. 

A cartridge that has a standard capacity for water can be inserted in the filter to make the water safe to consume and is inexpensive, however, it will need to be maintained more often.  Cartridges that have a heavy-duty filter are also available and are preferred by most homeowners as they can be expected to last long for up to 10 years.  This type of house water filter can offer high protection against the bacteria and other contaminants in your water.

Recommended brands: There are so many brands that are available that it can be hard for you to choose, which is why we compiled the two top models people trust.

  1. SpringWell Water - The SpringWell brand is a popular brand that produces quality water filters. They have made a whole house variant that is proven and tested to get rid of almost 100% of the contaminants and pathogens that are in your water.
  2. Pentair-Pelican Water - Pentair-Pelican has also proved the effectiveness of their products by introducing a whole house filter that even has a UV system included. Like the other brand, it can also get rid of nearly 100% of the contaminants that can be found in water and can also strain the sediment materials to avoid them from entering your plumbing.

Under sink water filters

Under sink water filters are also popular mainly because of their low price compared to the cost of having a whole house filter. They are an inexpensive alternative that is easy to install as well. 

How does it work? As the name suggests, this type of filter is usually placed under the sink to filter out the contaminants and to strain the sediments before the water is released into your faucet.

Recommended brands: The top two brands that released under sink water filters are listed to give you an idea of which ones are mostly used by homeowners.

  1. Clealy Filtered – Clearly Filtered has a 3-filter system that is made with stainless steel to make it last.
  2. Aquasana – Aquasana has also made its own under sink filter with a system that can be easily installed.

Does a filtration system add value to your home?

This is a very valid question considering the cost of a filtration system can exceed a few thousand dollars.  There are certain cases where a newly installed filtration system can, and does, increase the value of your home.  New buyers who have health issues, are elderly, or who have just given birth to a new child, or are concerned about serious contaminants in their water supply would certainly invest more in a house that had a clean water supply.  The question is: how much more?

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