North Carolina State Farmers Market - your most common questions answered

north carolina state farmers market

Everyone has to purchase food to eat, but where you purchase your food makes a difference not only to your family, but to the families of others as well.  Buying food from a farmers market, as opposed to a grocery chain, on many occasions means that you’re buying food that is locally grown and harvested.  Typically, you’re getting food that is organically grown with minimal insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, meaning your food is grown “purer” and has a fuller spectrum of taste and flavor to it.

The State Farmers Market in Raleigh provides just that.  Open every day of the year, rain or shine, Monday thru Saturday from 5am to 7pm, and Sundays from 8am to 5pm, this market offers over 30,000 square feet of fresh produce, cheeses, meats, dairy, bakery items, and wines.  If it’s something that goes on your dinner table, you can find it there.

When did the NC State Farmers Market open?

The location of the farmers market today is not where the market was originally founded.  Dating back to 1955, in another part of Raleigh, a privately owned 17-acre market was constructed and operated for both buyers and sellers of food and agriculture.

As time passed, the facility became too small for the demand and the facility has since moved to other grounds.

How many square feet is the State’s Farmers Market?

The NC State Farmers Market has a few buildings they operate in.  The farmers building is 30,000 sqft and gives farmers the opportunity to sell any specialty item they may produce, along with fruit, produce, and other plants they may grow locally.

The market shoppes is a climate controlled 15,600 sqft building with food from all over the country. Here you can find meats, cheeses, bakery items, things for the grill, and select alcoholic beverages.

There is also a truckers building with 15,400 sqft for those who are looking to make purchases in bulk.  Sellers in this particular market offer seasonal fruits and vegetables for sale.

Are farmers markets always organic?


The short answer is no, farmers markets aren’t always organic.  Many farmers at the market will tell you that they grow food both organically and conventionally, so if you’re ever unclear about the growing methods used, it’s always better to ask and be certain.

Growing food in an organic method doesn’t mean that chemicals are not used, in fact, there is a list of chemicals that are allowed to be used in organic production to still qualify as USDA organic.

Can dogs go to the farmers market?

can dogs go to the farmers market

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the market.  There are several reasons for this, primarily because in the past dogs have actually ruined or completely contaminated food and produce being sold.  There have been instances where they have urinated on food being displayed for sale.

Also, it’s very difficult to control the environment that they find themselves in.  Dogs can get into scuffles with other dogs, there is potential that they could bite someone, guests can be severely allergic to pet hair, and they can be noisy and loud.


From Pinehurst:

Merge onto US-15N/US-501 N for 21.0 miles

Turn left onto US-1N for 39.9 miles

Exit 1A to merge onto i-40E towards US-64 and continue straight for 4.2 miles

Take exit 297 for Lake Wheeler Rd and make a left for 0.4 miles

Turn left onto Centennial Pkwy

Make a right at the 1st cross street onto Farmers Market Dr


From our office:

Head SW toward Wake Forest Rd

Make a right

In 2.4 miles turn left onto Wake Forest Rd

Merge onto Capital Blvd and continue straight for 1.9 miles

Continue onto N Dawson St for 0.9 miles

Make a right turn onto W South St and go straight for 0.2 miles

Turn left onto S Saunders St for 0.2 miles

Make a slight right onto Lake Wheeler Rd traveling for 0.9 miles

Make a right onto centennial Pkwy

Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Farmers Market Dr