Well Pump Repair Service in Raleigh

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When you live in Raleigh, chances are you are using a well for your water consumption. Wells are a great water source and many people often testify that they taste better than the water you can drink from the city.

Many locals have decided to go with water wells. Though they can be expensive to install, they will result in bigger savings in the future. However, there are times that you will need to have some parts repaired to have it continue to function properly.  One of the parts of the well that can be defective is its water pump, which is what draws the water up to your household’s water system.

Signs that can indicate a defective well pump

  1. Weak water pressure

The main purpose of a well pump is to push the water up to your system. If the water pressure is weak, it can be a determiner of a defective well pump.

  1. Dirty and muddy water

Water from your pump should always be clear and clean with no foul smell. Though there are many reasons why this would happen, a defective pump can also be the culprit.







  1. Higher electricity bills

When your pump is struggling to push the water to your household system, it can increase your electricity consumption.

We offer the following services

Our crew can help you when you need:

✔ Well Installation Services

✔ Well Pump Repair Services

✔ Irrigation Wells Services

✔ Well Inspections Services

✔ Water Filtration Systems Services







Why should you trust us with your well?

Wells are very important especially to households who use them as their main source of water. When they are damaged and have defects, you may be hesitant to call a contractor, especially if this is the first time this has happened and you do not have a trusted contractor yet on your contact list. 

We understand how hard it is to rely on a contractor you do not know. To alleviate your worries, here are the reasons why you can ease your mind when working with our team.

  1. We are licensed and insured.

When you work with us, rest assured that we will be ready even for the most extreme cases. If there is an unforeseeable and unavoidable event or problem to come up, our crew is more than prepared to face them. It is important for us to have a crew we can also trust to repair and do work on our own wells. To guarantee their efficiency and reliability, we make sure that our staff is licensed and would actually know what to do with well emergencies.

  1. We are trained and experienced.

We always make sure to have the whole team trained and certified for new procedures by investing in their growth. As a company, we treat our staff as family and it is also important to us to have them increase their skillset. We have been providing well installation, repair, and maintenance services in Raleigh for many years and will aim to continue doing so for many years to come. Our crew will always be thankful to the locals who never lost their trust in our services and have even referred us to their close family, friends, and acquaintances. 

  1. We invest in quality tools and equipment

A well contractors’ best friend is his handy tools and equipment. We will always provide our crew with safety tools to ensure their security and to avoid accidents from happening. Also, to be able to dig deep water wells, a high-quality tool is necessary not only for the convenience of our workers but also to be able to finish their jobs precisely and accurately. This can only be done if their equipment can be truly relied on for use in various well projects.

  1. We are always transparent with our rates

One of the reasons why clients are very hesitant to get the help of contractors is due to their experience with “surprise expenses” that are not part of the deal. Of course, it is understandable for some cases to have unforeseeable accidents and problems that will arise, however, some contractors are notorious for cheating their clients that has resulted in a bad reputation.

Our team will never do that to you. From the very first appointment we have, we will make sure that you are informed with a clear price quotation of our rates that will not be unfair to you or to us. 

Why doesn't my well pump have any pressure?

Typically a well isn't serving up any water (or very little water) because the well pump hasn't built up any pressure to force the water up to the surface.  There can be several reasons for that, but generally when we see this happen it's because of a faulty pressure switch that should be replaced.  If you're uncertain as to what it could be, we'd be happy to take a look for you to help you diagnose the problem.  Sometimes it's an easy fix and other times there is more that needs to be done to diagnose the issue(s) at hand.

Do you have to prime a pump after a power outage?

Unfortunately power outages can be a relatively common occurrence during the spring months when heavy rains come and the power goes out.  When that happens, the pump loses its energy source and the pressure switch gets cut off resulting in now water to your home (except for whatever may already be in the plumbing).  Removing the air that might be in the pump, or priming the pump, may be necessary to build up pressure again so that water can be pushed into your home.

Submersible pumps do not need to be primed as they are intended to be submerged under water.  If the water is low then there are other issues that may need to be addressed.

Does your well pump need repairs? Talk to our team.

If you notice that your well is not functioning properly and are suspecting that it may be due to its pump, do not hesitate to call us at this number to schedule an assessment. You can also reach us by filling out the online contact form on our website.

When you see signs of trouble with your well, do what you can to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you are unsure what the exact problem is, there is always the risk of contaminating the water that can be very harmful to you and your family.