Solar Powered Groundwater Pumping Systems

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Solar powered systems have been a ground-breaking innovation for cultivating agriculture and have been extremely helpful especially in areas that are considered to not have enough resources to have electricity. In places that are not well off but are blessed with regular amounts of sunshine, solar powered systems groundwater pumps have solved the problem in irrigation.

There are many types of solar pump types that can fit your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. 

Benefits of solar powered pumps

  1. They are cost-effective
  2. They gave areas with fewer resources a chance to have their livelihood
  3. They are environment-friendly
  4. Not dependent on electrical sources of power

We can help you with all well related services

We are a crew of experienced workers who have been providing the residents of Raleigh and nearby areas with well installations, repair, and maintenance services since the company was established in 2010.

Our team is licensed to operate in the area and is always transparent with our rates.  

A complete list of our services

We consider ourselves lucky to be able to have talented, trained, and experienced workers in our team. Because of them, we are able to do various well related services, such as:

✔ Well Installation Services

Do you want a well installed in your residential property? Do you need well drilling services to be able to not rely on the city’s water supply? Do not hesitate to call us and our team will schedule a date for the survey and assessment of your location. Depending on what you will use your well for, we may need to drill a deeper well, especially if you are planning to use it for irrigation purposes. Just tell us what you need and we will tell you the type of well that will be possible to install in your location. 






✔ Well Pump Repair Services

Do you notice that your water’s usual pressure has significantly weakened? Is your water looking muddy? Are your electricity bills higher? If this is the case, you may need to have your well inspected for defective parts, especially your well pump. A well pump’s main function is to draw up the water to be able for it to enter your system, but can be the culprit why your water smells foul. Call us and have your well pump repaired efficiently. 

✔ Irrigation Wells Services

Are you a homeowner who wants to maintain your landscape or are you a farmer who is finding it hard to go back and forth just to water your plants? Irrigation wells are very helpful especially for professionals working in the agriculture industry. Though they can be expensive to install, the price of having an irrigation well installed will translate to bigger savings in the future as it is efficient and will only water the plants that you want to be hydrated when you install a sprinkler. 

✔ Well Inspections Services

When you are buying a new property that has a well, the wisest thing you can do before securing the sale is to have it inspected by an expert first. The contractor will examine the well and see if it is safe to drink and use for other chores. If you are just planning to move to Raleigh, getting the help of a local contractor that is trusted by the residents would be your best bet. If you need us to conduct an inspection, just schedule an appointment with our crew and we will be there.

✔ Water Filtration Systems Services

A water filtration system is necessary to ensure that the water from your well is clean. After all, you are using it for drinking, cooking, and for other daily chores like doing cleaning your home. We understand that there are many do-it-yourself videos on the internet that can show you how to fit in a water filter system, but it is not recommended to put yourself at risk as some sediment and chemicals can find their way into your water if the filter is not installed properly. 

✔ Solar Powered Groundwater Pumping Systems Services

Do you have enough funds to invest in getting a solar powered pumping system? This procedure can be extremely expensive, which is why you need to be certain that the contractor you are hiring is experienced and truly know what they are doing as mistakes can truly break the bank. We are proud to show you a portfolio of our past work to assure you of our expertise. When you are planning to switch to a solar powered system, trust our crew to get the job done hassle-free.

Need to know more about our services? We got you.

There is nothing wrong with asking us questions and clarifying your concerns. We know how intimidating it can be to approach a company for their service, but you will not experience that when you work with our team.

We will do our best to answer all your inquiries and would be genuinely happy to serve your well related needs. Just schedule an appointment using our online contact form to send us a message or just call us at our number here.