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Clear and clean water is one of the necessities a person will need in order to live and survive. This is why it is important to always have access to a reliable supply of water that is proven safe to consume. There are so many dangers in getting water from a questionable source. Even if the well is located on your residential property, it is still crucial to have it inspected. Dirty and contaminated water can not only pollute your environment but will also be harmful to those who drank it.

Well Inspections are often conducted when there is a sale of property with a well on it. Some sellers may have the well inspection for a smoother process while some buyers request for an inspection before or after buying the property. Having a well inspected can help owners from having well related problems in the future. 

What you need to know before buying a property with a well on it

When you are buying a property with a well, the wisest decision you can make is to have it inspected before you finalize the decision of buying it or not. Wells can be super attractive and they also increase the value of the property, however, you must not be blinded with the benefits you are not sure it can offer.






Before buying the property, do your research on the water system in the area. Some states and cities will differ in the water condition in the locality. For example, some regulations in Raleigh may not be the same case in those of Minnesota. Know more about the possible issues so you will not be surprised with the actual state of the water once you are able to experience it firsthand.

Ask the seller of the property some important questions about the well, such as how long ago it was installed, who did the installation, and when the well was last tested and inspected. This information can be very useful to you and to the contractor you will hire.

Lastly, one of the most important things you need to know is which well company is actually trusted and relied on by the residents in the area. Ask some of your would-be neighbors about who installed their well and if they truly provide great service.

What happens during a well inspection?

Well inspections should only be conducted by a licensed expert. Though some states do not require it to be done, it is wise to cross it off the list to make your home and property safe.

During the process of inspection, the expert will take note of the important information, such as the type of your well and where it is located exactly on the property. Its parts will be closely examined as well, such as its head, cover, and pressure tank, which are considered as its most necessary parts, along with its other components.

Also, having the water inspected would be the best action you can take. Ask your contractor about their services and see if the water inspection is included in their package or if it is a separate one. For your peace of mind, it is ideal to have the water tested as soon as possible.

During water inspections, your contractor will examine the water and get a sample which will be taken to a laboratory to be tested. The results will show if there is a presence of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and if there are bacteria in the water that can be dangerous to drink. If it is found that your well’s water is unsafe, the expert will recommend some methods to be done such as disinfection that will get rid of the contaminants. One of the methods that contractors usually recommend is to install a proper filter to get rid of the impurities.

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