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Raleigh is one of the beautiful cities in North Carolina. The city has made it clear to have strict rules in terms of the usage and consumption of water and is continuously seeking ways to have alternatives where locals can get water that is safe to consume. 

Wells have been a great source of water for the residents in Raleigh. If you still do not have a well or are planning to install a new one, do not hesitate to give us a call

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We are the best well contractor in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our crew has been providing various services such as well installations and repairs around the area since 2010. Together, we have made it our mission to provide our city a well they can rely on for their everyday use and for their livelihood.

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You should rely on a contractor you know you can trust. We are always grateful for the continued support of our patrons. 

How do we usually install a well?

If you are curious about the process we follow in installing a well, we made a list of our regular procedures. Of course, this is not absolute and can change depending on the circumstance, such as a different type of well, location, and depth that can affect the finished project. 

  1. Deciding where to put the well

Some of the clients are surprised when we tell them that we cannot build the well on a spot they chose mostly for aesthetic reasons. This is because there are factors that need to be considered before installing the well to make sure that it will function properly. Once we have decided on the particular spot to place the well, our crew will mark the location on your property so that it will be easier to do the installation later on.

  1. Planning the specifications

During the survey, we can assess the kind of well that would work best for your location and what you will need to use it for. For example, if you are using the well for residential purposes only, there is no need to dig a very deep well, as long as it can serve its purpose.

  1. Getting permits

Depending on your location, most states require permits before doing the installation of a well. We will process the permit and submit it to the local municipality if you want us to do it for less stress and hassle on your part. After all, we are here to help you.

  1. Construction of well

The first step of the well installation is drilling. This happens by using a drill to break down the earth and rock on the marked location of where the well will ideally be placed. There are so many methods of well drilling and the actual process would differ based on other factors such as the type of rock or the depth of the well that will be built. The dirt that was removed from the surface will be transferred into another area such as a pit or a hole.

After the drilling, it is time to prepare the parts of the well. The first part we will insert is the casing, which looks like a tube, into the hole. There are many types of well casing and can be made of metal or plastic. The type that is commonly used is the case that is around 5 inches in diameter. The case will tap into the supply underground which is also called the aquifer and will be covered by a cap. We will then fit a screen to prevent the water from mixing with dirt and other debris.

  1. Sealing with grout

After the construction process of the well, there is a part that is open due to the drilling process. Our crew will then seal it using a specific mixture of grout to close the gap. 

  1. Well development and cleaning

This is when other appropriate methods are done to make sure that the water from the well will be safe to consume. There may be some fixing up done to increase the discharge of the well and disinfection tactics done by the crew such as introducing a bacteria so that it can be tested if they are fit for consumption.

Can wells be installed anywhere?

Wells cannot be dug in random locations on your property.  Wells get their water from aquifers that are essentially reservoirs of water.  If the aquifer doesn't hold enough water then it will be a futile cause.  For this reason, you should have a professional locate an aquifer on your property with sufficient reserves to meet your needs.

Our well services include

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Water is a very valuable resource. Without it, we would not be able to continue to survive. Make sure that you are getting a trusted contractor that will install the well properly and securely.

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